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The Sakai community develops and distributes the open-source Sakai Collaboration & Learning Environment (CLE), an enterprise-ready collaboration and courseware management platform that provides users with a suite of learning, portfolio, library and project tools. Learn more about Sakai at

The mailing lists archived here are hosted on Collab, an instance of Sakai supporting community collaboration.  In order to post to these lists you must first self-register for an account on Collab and then join the site whose email list you wish to post to.  (The Nabble archives only contain recent messages to these lists, for access to a group's full email archive, please self-register for a Collab account, joint the group in question, and view its Email Archive on Collab.)
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If you only join one list in Sakai this is the right list to join. This list is the main source for Sakai Community news and announcements. Resources include development documents, Sakai Newsletters and Videoconferences, and Presentations and Demonstrations. The list averages a couple messages per week so as to not overwhelm people's inboxes. The list is moderated, if you have an appropriate message you would like to post to the list, please forward it to: 922 1013
by Apereo Announcements
Using Sakai is oriented towards the needs of teachers, instructors, researchers, collaborators, instructional technologists, user support and related members of the Sakai community. It encompasses a broad range of topics, including best practices and experiences for teaching and collaborating, how various tools and capabilities work, end-user support materials (e.g., documentation, training, tutorials), connecting with users with similar interests and needs, etc. 1957 5112
by Neal Caidin-3
Discussion group about software development for the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE), including coding tips, questions, answers, etc. The best way to interact with the Sakai developer community with questions and comments is to send mail to this list. 13380 43281
by Miguel Pellicer Carr...
The Teaching and Learning group is a forum to enable the Sakai community focus on the issues of the practice of teaching and learning and their relationship to the Sakai project. 908 1550
by Neal Caidin-3
For discussion on User Experience (UX) topics in Sakai. 611 2368
by Keli Sato Amann
This group is for those interested in discussing the strategic, political, and marketing dimensions of Sakai. These discussions range from how Sakai operates (governance) to how to fit Sakai into an overall campus strategy. This site will also be used to discuss and build consensus around important decisions that affect the entire Sakai community going forward. 13 47
by Luke Fernandez
The End-User Support Working Group is for sharing training tutorials and support documentation and to exchange best practices for training and consultation. 40 70
by Neal Caidin-3
A working group for folks directly engaged in the Sakai Quality Assurance (QA) process. 1635 3108
by sakai-core-team
General discussion area for topics not covered by the other lists. For example Sakai-related job listings by institutions and companies who are part of the Sakai Community are posted here. 147 361
by Neal Caidin-3
The Production group serves as a discussion forum for those responsible for deploying and running Sakai instances (e.g., system administrators, database administrators, technical staff) to share experiences, exchange ideas, and assist one another with identifying and resolving production-related issues. 1251 2942
by Wilma Hodges-2
Working group for those interested in accessibility standards for the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE). Current discussion and documentation can be found in the Sakai wiki. 4942 14357
by Harshita Gupta
The Sakai Authoring Working Group is currently focused on issues related to content authoring, organization, and navigation in Sakai. 39 138
by Gaurav Bhatnagar
Discussion of the OSP tools and development of portfolio-related functionality within the Sakai community. 892 1601
by janice.smith
The group covers the overall community management of the Sakai project, including the development process, the features and modules that become part of formal releases, etc. It also is where the Product Manager and the Product Council conduct their public business. 221 755
by Uys, Philip
Discussion Group for Sakai users in Spanish. 847 1914
by Mateu Llas Rubio
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hi,i need help regarding sakai project when i run this command "mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true". it shows the error's , please check and suggest me [INFO] Scanning for projects... [ERROR] The build could not read 1 project -> [Help 1] [ERROR] [ERROR] The project ... 0 0
by Waseemuddin
Hello I use Sakai 10.5, Sakai Sakora integrated meat when everything is working very nice, I can see the records in the database. But I do not see any course of entry into the sakai portal. I follow a step by step process 0 0
by agokhanu
Hello, I had able to install sakai 2.9.3 binary further i want to deploy Ldap in sakai please help me how to do this integration . what changes i should i have to do for these process. 0 0
by sagar
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by Durga prasad556
Hi, We are about to do our upgrade from 2.8 to 2.9.3. We are also considering to upgrade from Oracle 11 to oracle 12. I was wondering if anybody has installed Sakai 2.9.3 with Oracle 12? Does it work well? Thanks, Carla Carla G Villanueva | ITS Analyst | Boston University Sc... 0 0
by carla
i want to customize sakai site tool configuration like this format using layouts. but by default in sakai layout is possible by double layout or single layout. actually i need combination of both first row is double column layout and remaining single column layouts. please tell me is there an... 0 0
by sarath
The Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) works with existing community groups and processes to provide technical direction, advice, coordination, and governance of the Sakai 2 project. 627 3893
by Adrian Fish-2
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i want give access to facebook users by using login id of facebook into sakai and i want access basic info of facebook user . please tell me how can i achive this? Rammohan 0 0
by rammohan
Hi everyone! I want to create a captcha in sakai, but i don't know how to do that. Somebody help me! Thanks u so much. 0 0
by boonhero
Hi all, I want to redirect from a tool to other tools. For example: After login into sakai, I want to redirect to Modify Account Details or Worksite Setup. Please give me an idea. Regards. 0 0
by boonhero
Hi All, I’m a new to the organization and to Sakai in general. I’m encountering a problem in Sakai and I’m not really sure the cause of it. The error is this: a document is stored within Sakai, when a hyperlink to the document is created, it does not work when used. Instead it gives an error... 0 0
by artemis
Hi, I'm a new to the organization and to Sakai in general. I'm encountering a problem in Sakai and I'm not really sure the cause of it. The error is this: a document is stored within Sakai, when a hyperlink to the document is created, it does not work when used. Instead it gives an error of http... 0 0
by artemis
Hi, I have been working right now on PeopleSoft Campus Solution integration( using PeopleSoft SAIP ) with Sakai. I am using Sakai 2.7 version. I want to configure Sakora in addition. Can you please tell me does Sakora is capable of integration with Sakai 2.7 and PeopleSoft Campus Solutio... 0 0
by Farhan Akhlaq
Hi All Can anybody please let me know which source should I checkout in order to start contributing in Sakai 3? I particularly want to contribute in OpenSocial integration of Sakai, it will be great if you guys can give any pointers for the same :) . Thanks & Regards Parul Seth 0 0
by parulseth
Hello, I am a newbie here and I was able to run Sakai locally on Windows Server. However, I cannot access it from the client side. Again locally works fine and I am using either port 80 or 8080. http://localhost:8080/portal works fine but does not work. In add... 0 0
by minab