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Announcements, Selected Groups, and Email Notification: High-All participants?

I need some help figuring out this little issue with Announcements: If you choose a selected group, but then set the Email notification to "High - All participants", what happens?  Does the Email notification go only to the selected group(s) or does it go to ALL members of the site?  I'm trying to test this out on my own site(s), but I'm not sure I'm getting the results I expect.

I suspect that choosing "High - All participants" will supersede any previous group selections and will actually send a copy of the announcement to ALL MEMBERS of a site.  Have you found this to be correct?  Is this the desired function of Announcements w/Email notification?

Thanks in advance for your insight.  I only ask because the below is what a faculty member has asked me and I haven't yet been able to determine conclusively either way so far.  It rather begs the question that the expected workflow is that they select a group and then only members of that group receive the email notification (which could be the case and I'm just not seeing it clearly in my own testing).:

Scholar Inquiry:

I just sent an Announcment to a "select" group of students that have already been categorized in Scholar. However, when I sent the announcement, I received a copy of it as well and I'm not in that "selected" group. Does this mean that if I choose to make an announcement only available to certain groups, but then click on E-Mail notification button at the bottom to all participants that everyone will receive it, not just the "selected" group?

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