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[DG: Teaching & Learning] Crowd sourcing Sakai community survey questions

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Hi all,

I want to try a small experiment. This year, probably in the next month, I will again be sending out a community survey. This year I think I will combine the upgrade plans survey with the tools use survey into one. Results from 2013 [1] and 2014 [2] are published on Confluence. 

The experiment is to gather questions through Crowdsourcing. Through next Friday, April 4, feel free to add questions you would like to see on the survey [3]. I believe I have it configured so that anyone who logs in can edit the page.  If we get one or more questions, I will run them by the Sakai PMC for final approval and inclusion on the survey.

Please see the link below to add your survey question ideas by Friday, April 4. 


[1] Results from 2013 surveys

[2] Results from 2014 surveys

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