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[DG: Teaching & Learning] Move to Apereo Google Groups

Hi Sakai-user and Pedagogy,

These two lists are being merged next week and the resulting list will be called [hidden email] . Also note that I am still talking with the portfolio group what they would like to do. Consensus seems to be that since portfolio is now it's own open source project (yeah!) , they will have a separate email group that is not Sakai specific, called [hidden email]

The week of April 13 we will create a new Apereo Google group called [hidden email].  If you are receiving this message , you will be moved over (aka subscribed) to the new group as part of the process. Your subscription setting to receive individual email or digest form will be retained. 

When the new group is created, I'll send a notification to this list and to the new email group to confirm the move. From that point forward, emails should be sent to [hidden email]. We will turn the old email list (this one) off late in the week, after a successful move.

Collab email archives will be moved to a public static web site and that will be communicated separately.

Online access for the group will be at:

To subscribe or unsubscribe one can send an email to :

You can go to http://groups.apereo.org for general access to all your Apereo groups, and also browse/subscribe to new lists there.

Best regards,
Neal Caidin
Sakai Community Coordinator

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