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[DG: Teaching & Learning] REMINDER: Free Webinar Tomorrow > Open Learning Analytics: A Strategic Imperative


Please consider participating in this (free) Apereo Foundation webinar which will discuss the work taking place under the Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative (LAI) to develop the world's first open-source learning analytics platform.  The webinar will take place TOMORROW on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 from 12 Noon (1200) to 1 PM (1300) Eastern Time (New York).  

Learning analytics is at a critical juncture in its lifecycle. To date, much of the learning analytics-related research, software development, and standards work that exists has taken place in relative isolation.  This lack of collaboration, openness, and integrated systems greatly limits the potential of learning analytics.  LA initiatives have typically been dependent upon “closed” systems, proprietary data models and single use tools – as opposed to an integrated software suite for analyzing and communicating data on learning processes.
As institutions begin to move past discussion and into implementation of learning analytics environments, the realization of an open source platform for learning analytics becomes increasingly important as an option for institutions to consider alongside commercial offerings.  In this webinar, learning analytics practitioners Josh Baron, Alan Berg, and Gary Gilbert discuss a strategic vision of an open source platform, including standards, systems, and tools, that can lower the barrier to entry for institutions looking to get started with learning analytics.   There will be a short demo of current components of the platform as well as details on accessing/contributing to the open-source code repository and how to get more involved in the Apereo LAI.

Additional webinar information at: https://www.apereo.org/content/2015-webinar-series

Registration is not required but you are encouraged to connect to the webinar 5 minutes prior to the start time.  To connect, simply go to http://apereo.blindsidenetworks.net/apereo/, selected "Apereo Room 1" and enter the password "apereo".
Josh Baron, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology for Digital Education, Marist College
Alan Berg, Community Officer, Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative (University of Amsterdam)
Gary Gilbert, Technology Lead for Integrations and Analytics, Unicon

Joshua Baron
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology for Digital Education
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
(845) 575-3623 (work)
Twitter: JoshBaron

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