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[DG: User Experience] Media Gallery default vocabulary evaluation


As a follow-on to the Media Gallery "My Media" tab, I was also tasked with evaluating the current vocabulary being used in the tool. I'd like to solicit input on the default vocabulary to see if any changes should be made. For this evaluation, we want to have good vocabulary and terminology for the Media Gallery tool, but also be cohesive with Sakai-wide vocabulary.

As a note, a related work effort is being done to take all of the text labels and move them into a file that can be localized. So while these labels are what will be the defaults, it is important to note that any adopting instiution can change the vocabulary to whatever is desired.

Here's a listing of the main vocabulary and my understood definitions. Numbering is simply for reference.


1. Media Gallery
The Sakai Tool for grouping and managing digital media (visuals, audio, video, etc.).

2. Collection
A group of media items. Collection organization is decided by the owner/participants; course topic is considered the primary organization of media.

3. Site Library
All of the media (in the context of the Media Gallery) available to the current site.

4. Public
Media that can be viewed by any member of the site.

5. Private
Media that can be viewed only by a restricted membership of the site (usually instructors and admins). In text labels, the term "hidden" is sometimes used in conjuction with Private to help give the reader the understanding that a media marked as Private will not show to the general audience.

6. Manage Media
Within a Collection, this action allows the user to add/remove media from the Collection.

7. I'm Done
Action to end Manage Media and return to the default Collection view.

8. Edit [Collection]
This action allows the user to modify details and permissions of the Collection.

9. Delete [Collection]
This action allows the user to delete the Collection.

10. Tags
User-entered vocabulary used to categorize media items.

11. Name
User-entered text that names the Collection or media item.

12. Description
User-entered text to give context/details to a Collection or media item name.

13. Uploaded By: [username]
System-generated information showing which user uploaded the media item.

14. Created At: [timestamp]
System-generated information showing at what date/time the media item was uploaded.

15. Management
Term to identify the type of permissions set (who can manage it) applied to the Collection. Management types are: Instructor, Community, Personal, Owner. Where Managment type is dealt with, the user is given further definition of the types.



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