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[DG: User Experience] Sakai OAE Usability Testing Package 1

Hi everyone,

The Sakai OAE project team strongly believes that regular
usability testing of our product across various institutions is
essential in identifying problems, missing areas and improving
overall usability. It is also a great way for the institutions to
provide feedback and start exposing some of their staff and
students to Sakai OAE.

Therefore, Usability Test packages will be sent out from time
to time, aiming to investigate specific areas of Sakai OAE. These
packages will contain everything necessary for each institution
to conduct the usability test themselves. These materials include
a manual with tips and hints for people that have never conducted
usability testing, the actual usability test guide and all other materials
necessary. Each institution willing to participate will also receive
its own (temporary) OAE URL that can be used for testing. All user
accounts, data and materials necessary to run the usability test
will be available on this.

I'm proud to announce that the first Sakai OAE Usability
Testing package is now available at [1]. Its goal is to
investigate various management activities around content
and courses/groups.

We would like to encourage all institutions to participate in this.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you would have
any feedback or follow-up questions.

[1] https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/3AK/Usability+Testing

Have fun,
Anne-Sophie De Baets

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