Discuss Sakai 3 and library integration, 3/10, 11am - 12:30pm EDT

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Discuss Sakai 3 and library integration, 3/10, 11am - 12:30pm EDT

The Sakai and library communities are invited to participate in a videoconference / conference call to discuss ideas for library integration with Sakai 3, hosted by the Sakaibrary project of Indiana University and the University of Michigan.  The call will be held Tuesday, March 10 from 11am - 12:30pm EDT (15:00-16:30 GMT).  We selected this time in an effort to be as inclusive as possible of the wide range of time zones in which the Sakai community lives.

Since Sakai's beginnings, there have been various efforts to integrate content from a wide range of sources with the Sakai framework, from locally created repositories to licensed content from commercial vendors.  Individual campuses have different needs regarding access to content and library services via Sakai.  Sakai 3 offers an opportunity to consider work that has been done and identify potential future directions.  Prior to the call, we invite you to look at usage scenarios that have been collected by the Sakaibrary project to guide development of the Citations Helper and prototype Research Guides tool available at:
<http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/SLIB/Usage+Scenarios+Collected+2009>.  These scenarios have provided very valuable insights into faculty, student, and librarian needs with regards to library integration.

The call will take place on the Sakai 001 conference bridge:

* IP Address:
* Telephone: 812-856-7060
* Conference Code: 348#
* PIN: 72524#

A more detailed agenda will be sent out prior to the call. Please accept our apologies if you are interested in this topic but the time does not work for you. We hope to schedule some additional conversations in the future, so please contact us by e-mail if you are interested but can't participate in next week's call.

Thanks, and looking forward to talking with you.

Jon Dunn, Indiana University, [hidden email]
Susan Hollar, University of Michigan, [hidden email]

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