Entification/Adding RESTful style support to tools for Sakai 3

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Entification/Adding RESTful style support to tools for Sakai 3

Following up on the recent discussion around what existing tools need to have support for RESTful style access added to enable new presentations and interactions in Sakai 3 (i.e., widgets, page authoring), I've created Jiras to track the work and added them to the table here:


Some folks have already volunteered to work on certain tools (Citations, BlogWow), however, the rest are Unassigned in Jira for the time being.  Please claim the ones you plan to work on by assigning the Jira to yourself, and please also add your name in the appropriate slot on the above table.  If you have a notion of when you plan to start the work and tentatively complete it, please add that timeline information to the table as well.  If you are thinking about developing a widget implementation for your project, please share that information as well.


Sakai Project Coordinator
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