Existing Modules or online Sakai Training for Sakai Training?

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Existing Modules or online Sakai Training for Sakai Training?

Greetings Sakai community,

I apologize for cross-posting, but I wanted to cover my bases.  I'm writing to ask if there are any instructional designers or schools that are using their own instance of Sakai to house and hold a 100% online Sakai training for the intended audience of "faculty/staff using Sakai for teaching"?  Here at VT we are considering providing such an option (or a variation of this) and I was curious to learn if other schools have already done this?  If yes, would you be willing to allow us to either (1) to have access to your existing site, and/or (2) to reuse your materials or instructional design for our own adaptation?  We are considering creating modules that incorporate videos and handouts, included activities, self-assessments, etc.

Either way, if you'd like to discuss this idea further with me, feel free to reply directly to me via email or give me a call as listed below.  Thank you in advance for anything you may share or co-development opportunities that may arise.

Amber D. Evans

Training and Documentation Coordinator, Online Course Systems (OCS)
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