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Fwd: [Itgplusrick] Music/Theatre/Dance ITG posting info

Please see the links below for an open position at Wake Forest University.

>Music/Theatre/Dance Instructional Technologist
>    * The closing date for applications is in three weeks.
>    * The position is posted on the WFU website. Link to share
> externally: <http://bit.ly/WFUITG>http://bit.ly/WFUITG
>    * Chronicle advertisement:
> <https://chroniclevitae.com/jobs/0000864373-01>https://chroniclevitae.com/jobs/0000864373-01 
>Please work your networks to turn up the best applicants we can
>find. This is a national search, so consider posting on appropriate forums.
><https://plus.google.com/u/0/107961885782708595254>Rick Matthews
>Wake Forest University
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