Google Summer of Code 2009

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Google Summer of Code 2009

I was the lead mentor for the Sakai/IMS Google Summer of code effort.  
The is pretty cool - Google pays selected students, about $5K to work  
for our open source project for the summer and pays Sakai Foundation  
$500 - you as the mentor get no cash - but you may get a free trip to  
Google for the mentor retreat.

I did this last year and while it was a lot of work - it was a blast  
and the mentor summit *rocked* because 150 different Open Source  
projects were represented.

I have not yet decided if I want to lead our effort this summer - so I  
am checking to see if anyone wants to get involved and/or take over  
from me.

Here is the 2008 details:

Here is the page I produced for the 2008 soc effort:

Let me know if you want to participate / run this.

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