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Gradebook 2 migration and documentation


At UD, we are about to deploy Gradebook 2 v1.6.1 to most of our users in February.

We have some concerns over two aspects of this:

1) Migration from Gradebook: What strategy is recommended with regards to migration for one to the other?
a) Leave both services running and let users decide?
b) Turn off Gradebook and force users to migrate?

2) Documentation:
a) Any update on rSmart's version? Is it complete and available? [1]
b) Can we get the original files to edit/modify UC Davis' doc? [2]
c) Anyone else interested in this revision process? [3]

We really want people to migrate to GB2, because our process for sending grades to SIS relies on it, but we don't want to just dump it on them.

[1] As indicated on
[3] List of adopters:

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