IMPORTANT: Sakai Project Leads, Help needed for 2.8

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IMPORTANT: Sakai Project Leads, Help needed for 2.8

Sakai 2 Project Leads,


  Happy New Year!  As you are aware a community goal is to release Sakai 2.8.0 by March 1st.  There has been ongoing discussion among the Release Management team about revising the date for the first 2.8.0-rc01 release candidate (today Tuesday, 11 January 2011).  This is due to the presence of a number of blocker issues and a concern that too few QA resources have been volunteered in support of functional testing.  While adjustments to the timeline are still under discussion, we’re hoping to make small changes that still hit the March 1st release date.


2.8 continues to struggle and that is why we are reaching out to you to for assistance in releasing 2.8 in a timely fashion.  You may be asking yourself how you can help.   There are a number of ways:  

-    Verifying that all bugs and approved features that are supposed to appear in the 2.8 release are actually there

-    If you have specific test plans or the like, make them public

-    If you have SQL conversions, make sure the Jira tickets are marked appropriately (there is a checkbox under Edit)

-    Review the current 2.8 critical+blocker list [1] and if you have expertise on any of these or can provide help, make yourself known:


If we pull together and focus for a short period I am confident that the community can walk away with a quality software release that is delivered on time.  


All the best,






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