Invitation to attend TCC session and/or speak with TCC

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Invitation to attend TCC session and/or speak with TCC



Are you interested in the development and roadmap of the CLE?  If so, the CLE TCC would like to encourage you to attend the "Meet the Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee" session.  During this hour we’ll discuss how/why  the TCC was formed,  summarize the activities of the past year and report on the current planning around the Sakai 2.9 release in terms of roadmap, scope, approach, and timeline.   The rest of the session will be an opportunity for questions and for idea sharing by attendees.     


Session Details

When:  Wednesday, June 15th.

Time:   2:00pm

Place:   Beaudry B


In addition, we’d like to encourage you to attend some of the many interesting sessions that relate to the CLE.    From updates about Internationalization, Accessibility and the Help documentation workgroups to demos of new tools (i.e. Lesson Builder, the new Portal) that are under discussion for the 2.X Roadmap, there are opportunities to learn and share for everyone!  


The TCC is an open group that supports the community and the committee members want to hear from you!  We encourage you to stop one of us if you are interested in learning more, have concerns or ideas for the future.   

Current TCC Members are listed below.  In addition the committee will also be sporting ribbons for easy identification.   

·         Megan May (Chair)

·         Beth Kirschner (Vice Chair)

·         Alan Berg

·         Noah Botimer

·         Matthew Buckett

·         John Bush

·         David Horwitz

·         Matthew Jones

·         Jean-François Lévêque

·         John Lewis

·         Charles Severance

·         Steve Swinsburg

·         Seth Theriault

·         Anthony Whyte

·         Aaron Zeckoski


Looking forward to seeing you soon!



Megan May

Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) Chair


Beth Kirshner

Sakai CLE  Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) Vice Chair


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