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On thinking about content and collaboration...

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a friend who I worked with
in past on content and wiki related concepts.

He reminded me of our previous design work that entailed analyzing content
and collaboration in ways that I haven't yet seen done in our discussions
here at Sakai (not that they haven't been -- I just haven't seen them).

For example, we looked at different types of content (i.e. forum posts, blog
posts, wiki pages, documents) and saw them as vehicles that carried ideas
through different stages of refinement.

We found that initial forum posts are generally "questions" -- which
represent the embryonic stage of an idea that's forming.  While blog post on
the other hand are typically "statements" -- slightly more evolved thinking,
but still generally unrefined.  On the other side of the scale, we had a
document, which represent a "conclusion" to one's thinking.  And somewhere
in between is the editable wiki page, which is a "rough draft" or the
"working state" of an idea.

We then considered a) how and why collaboration is useful at each stage and
b) where improvements can be made.  I recall that this format helped
organize our thinking to enable granular considerations relevant to each
stage without loosing sight of the big-picture of the evolution of an idea
-- and visa-versa.

Not sure if this is useful to us, but I wanted to toss it out there for


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