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Plan - from Mailman to Google groups

[all 21 Sakai lists that exist currently]

Movement of Sakai lists to Apereo Google Groups infrastructure.

Decision Making
All opinions are welcome and encouraged. A material objection raised by a Sakai PMC member will block this proposal.  Silence equals consent. Monday, February 9, 2015 is the cutoff date for any objections.

  • Communicate to lists to being merged or moved. Provide a date for when move is happening. 
  • Create new Apereo Google groups and populate with members from Mailman (collab lists). When combining multiple lists, populate with members from all of the lists into the one list.
  • Start using new Google group, turn off corresponding mailman list(s). 
  • Move old list archives to static web space.
  • Repeat as needed for all lists until done.

Proposed set of Apereo Google Groups
[hidden email] (no longer a sakai-specific list)

Consolidating Lists
* pedagogy and sakai-user merging into [hidden email]
* i18n (internationlization/localization) and a11y (accessibility) merging into sakai-dev. Convention for users to add [i18n] and [a11y] in subject line for filtering.
* evaluation and gradebook2-dev and samigo and sakai-mobile merging into sakai-dev
* infrastructure merging into sakai-core-team
* sakai-au - not being migrated. 
* sakai-france - not being migrated
* builds - not being migrated
* ja-sakai - not being migrated
* eurosakai - not being migrated. Already have an Apereo Europe google group.
* source - not being migrated. Need to remove post commit hook from SVN.

Lists not being migrated
We will still move the old list archives to a static web presence, even for lists not being migrated.

Will be variable based on lists, and communication with those sub-communities. Intent is to get this done in the next couple of months, by April/May timeframe for completion. Will start migration of lists during February 2015. 


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