[Portfolio] Confluence and Developer tools updated over weekend

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[Portfolio] Confluence and Developer tools updated over weekend

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For everyone:
Confluence was updated over the weekend. AFAICT everything went fine and the content is intact.  To be safe however, please check your content, or content which is important for your work and make sure that everything looks fine. Contact me as soon as possible if you have any concerns.

For developers:
Crucible and Fisheye
These were updated as well. AFAICT also working. However, I added in a connection to our GIT repository and would appreciate if you could see if that is working. I assume we need to keep connections to  https://source.sakaiproject.org/contrib and https://source.sakaiproject.org/svn ? If so, I might need to investigate further because the Fisheye connection with the latter source, svn, seems to be throwing an error. 

Neal Caidin
Sakai Community Coordinator

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