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[Portfolio] [DG: Teaching & Learning] Teaching and Learning Meeting April 22

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Hello Community,

The Sakai Teaching and Learning group invites you to join us for our next meeting on Wednesday, April 22, at 10 AM ET. We'll be covering the following agenda:
  1. Welcome and meeting launch - Neal (2 min)
  2. Project updates and announcements - Project team reps (@5 min)
  3. Experiences Using Lessons at Johnson University - Dave Eveland, Johnson University (40 minutes)
  4. Discuss and schedule future meeting themes/topics - All (10 min)
  5. Wrap up and adjourn - Neal
Meeting logistics:
  1. Join Big Blue Button session: http://apereo.blindsidenetworks.net/apereo/
  2. Choose Room 2 from the pop-down
  3. Enter password: apereo
  4. Enable and test microphone for audio
  5. Access link to April 8 Etherpad for agenda/notes available on our meetings page:

Mark your calendars to join us for these upcoming meetings/topics:

April 29:
How we use Lessons to structure online/hybrid courses and our templates for faculty - Christie DeCarolis, Rutgers

May 6 
JIRA issues related to Teaching and Learning - Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation

May 13

Peer Review in Lessons - Fawei Geng, Oxford

May 20 Lessons survey results - Luisa Li, Marist

May 27 Karuta - Brain storming use cases - Janice Smith, Jacques Raynauld

May 31 - June 3

OpenApereo! Various T&L meetings and presentations

    • Conditional Release in Lessons - Jim Mezzanotte, Asahi
    • Teaching and Learning BOF
    • Apereo Teaching and Learning BOF including TWSIA
    • Lessons BOF
    • Samigo BOF
    • Turnitin BOF
    • Karuta Open Source Portfolio all-day workshop and conference presentation
    • Portfolios in Sakai BoF
    • Crowd-sourcing uses of Lessons-Salwa
    • STEP Presentation
    • Gradebook Presentation
    • LEaP Presentation
    • Presentations by TWSIA winners-separate sessions
    • Sakai 11

    The meetings are open and also recorded and posted to our Sakai Youtube channel, http://bit.ly/youtubesakai

    Hope to see you online. 

    On behalf of the T&L meeting planning group

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