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QA Performance Test Framework

My name is Juan José Meroño Sánchez and I am a Software Analyst at the Information Technologies and Communications Department at the University of Murcia. The University has kindly donated two days a week of my time for Sakai CLE performance testing.  I have been reviewing the performance characteristics of the Sakai CLE and have been working on creating a generic QA Performance test framework with the encouragement and support of Alan Berg.

I am partially through my initial effort and feel confident in the approach.  My goal is to provide the community with an easy to use, deterministic load test framework that encourages regular CLE performance testing and early discovery of problem areas in the code.  This framework will later support integration testing, in order to catch regressions early in the cycle.

My work is focused at present on the following deliverables:

Sakai 2.8.0 Performance Report.

Results of the performance tests executed over Sakai 2.8.0 qa server. (Progress 85%).

QA Performance Test Framework.

Maven project ready to populate DB through Web Services and prepare the test environment. (Progress 60%)
Maven project ready to remove the test environment. (Progress 5%)
Maven project ready to test some read-only Sakai Web Services. (Progress 10%)
Maven project ready to perform general JMeter load tests. (Progress 85%)
Maven project ready to perform specific JMeter load tests. (Progress 5%)
Unix scripts that help collect server performance data and gnu plot scripts to get graphs. (Progress 70%).

In the coming weeks information about my efforts will be documented in confluence (, test plans  committed to subversion and initial performance reports reviewed. I will then make contact with specific project leads.

If you have any questions or performance-related wish lists you are most welcome to contact me on list or off.

Juan José Meroño Sánchez
Software Analyst
University of Murcia

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