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QA leads for Test Fest coordination

The first Test Fest led by Rob Eban Marist and Corey McGarrahan rSmart was a great success. 14 new bug reports were generated Testers were introduced to the peculiarities of testing Sakai, re-usable material placed in confluence, including test plans and coordination data.

Good work Test festers :)

Please join in. The next Test Fest is going to be Jan 27th , just after the next QA tagging up to date information for the Fest can be found at: <a href=";Test&#43;Fest" target="_blank">

<a href=";Test&#43;Fest" target="_blank">

To push the CLE related Test Fests forward and evolve them to perfection, both Rob Eban and Corey McGarrahan have agreed at least for the 2.8 cycle to coordinate. I therefore, wish to introduce you to the new QA leads for Test Fest coordination.

Thank you guys for the hard work that you have done and the excellent work to follow.


Alan Berg
QA Director - The Sakai Foundation

Senior Developer / Quality Assurance
Group Education and Research Services
Central Computer Services
University of Amsterdam

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