REMINDER: 2013 Apereo Sakai Fellows call for nominations (due 26 April 2013, 23:59 UTC)

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REMINDER: 2013 Apereo Sakai Fellows call for nominations (due 26 April 2013, 23:59 UTC)

As previously announced, nominations for the Apereo Sakai Fellows
Program for 2013 are now
open and are due by 23:59 UTC, NEXT FRIDAY, 26 April 2013.

This year, up to 4 fellows will be chosen by the selection committee.
The nomination form is attached and eligibility requirements are
listed below. You are encouraged to submit more than one nomination
and you are free to nominate yourself.

As part of the transition to Apereo, a companion Jasig Fellows Program
has been established this year. Individuals will only awarded a single
(Sakai or Jasig) fellowship.


The Apereo Sakai Fellows program seeks to foster community leadership
and contributions by recognizing and supporting active contributors.
Fellows enrich the community in a variety of ways, including technical
expertise, teaching and research practices and community organization,
support and leadership. Fellowship awards recognize such contributions
and support the efforts of the Fellows with a modest stipend.

For more information on the program and previous Sakai Fellows, please visit:


Total: up to 4 Fellowships will be awarded
Term: 1 year from date of award
Stipend: US$2500.00
* Registration fees for the Open Apereo 2013 conference in San Diego
will also be waived.


All members of the Sakai Community are eligible for nomination subject
to the following limitations:

1. A nominee must not be a previous fellowship winner.
2. A nominee cannot be a member of the Apereo Board, Apereo Foundation
staff, and Selection Committee.


Deadline: Friday, 26 April 2013, 23:59 UTC
Please return the completed form(s) to Seth Theriault at [hidden email].


Nicolaas Matthijs (Fellow 2009)
Megan May (Fellow 2011)
Sam Ottenhoff (Fellow 2012)
Janice Smith (Fellow 2009)
Seth Theriault (Fellow 2006-7), chair
Zach Thomas (Fellow 2006-7)
Lynn Ward (Fellow 2012)

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