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Re: [DG: Teaching & Learning] Wikis and Sakai

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the kind words.

For those who have not seen this, I created a wiki report last year, including other documents to help faculty members get started with wikis. The URL is 

You are welcome to integrate anything you find useful in your local implementation.

Here at UD, the rWiki tool is being moderately adopted. Some professors have done wonders with it, others have done little interesting things, but most faculty members I have consulted with are happy with it. Of course, improving it would only make adoption wider, but with Sakai 3 wiki-like page authoring down the pipe, I'm not sure improving rWiki is the best use of the developer's time.

Best Regards,


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For us, real WYSIWYG editing is a large issue for support and further  
adoption of Sakai. Like other responders, we have a number of faculty  
who have made very innovative use of rwiki despite the editing  
limitations. We're grateful to have a protected space for the large  
volume of copyrighted material some of our faculty and students post  
in their class wikis. That said, faculty who want really robust wikis  
are using a variety of other products.

We've done some local tweaks to make things a little easier. We  
changed the default "new page template" to include short instructions  
for editing and have changed the default Permissions in all sites.  
We've also written some local documentation and are very grateful to  
Matt Plourde and UDel for sharing their documentation.

We'd be interested in any efforts to build or integrate a Sakai wiki  
that is both more user friendly and robust.

        - mary
Mary Glackin
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> Hi everyone,
>   Here at IU we?re disappointed that the WYSIWYG editing
> capabilities aren?t going to make the 2.6.0 release (see message
> below for the announcement/rationale).     We?ve found that faculty
> try the wiki in Sakai but end up switching to free and inexpensive
> hosted solutions because they are so much easier to use.
> Obviously, the wysiwyg would greatly improve the user experience
> but it wouldn?t resolve the ?ease of use? issues we?re hearing
> about.  This has made us wonder if it might be wise to explore
> other options, like integration with existing wiki applications.
> Do other institutions receive similar feedback?    Has anyone
> looked into integrating Sakai with a different wiki solution?
> Thanks,
> Megan
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