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These look great! Thanks for pointing me to them.

I'll be out of town until a week from Tuesday. I'll peruse when I return, and send feedback.

For institutions that are adopting or enhancing OAE, tools like these stencils can greatly enhance communication.


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From: "N. Matthijs" <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [DG: User Experience] OAE UI library for OmniGraffle?
To: "Rachel Hollowgrass" <[hidden email]>
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Hi Rachel,

A lot of this has already been created and is used by the design
team to create clickable prototypes. You can find what exists
so far at [1]. Most of the folders have a stencil file, some of
them don't yet. Getting another pair of eyes on these and adding
what's missing would definitely be helpful.



Sakai OAE community,

The visual design of the OAE UI elements seem stable enough that a library
could be constructed for quick mockups.

Has anyone built a "stencil" library for OmniGraffle? If not, I volunteer
to undertake that task. When complete I can share it with the community.


Rachel Hollowgrass
Senior User Experience Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California at Berkeley

[hidden email]
(510) 332-6120

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