Re: [Using Sakai] create accessible web pages using the CK editor in Sakai - what templates would you like to see?

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Re: [Using Sakai] create accessible web pages using the CK editor in Sakai - what templates would you like to see?

Dear all,


At the teaching and learning call last Wednesday (8 April) I presented a short talk “How to create accessible web pages using the Sakai HTML editor”.  The talk generated active discussions around accessibility and usability in Sakai.  In addition to CSS in Lessons tool, I shared the five templates (created by the VLE team here at Oxford)  available in CK editor. 


As these templates allow to created accessible web pages without using tables, quite a few people were interested in them.  We plan to build more templates.  We can also make them available to the Sakai community if there is enough demand.


Could you let me know what kind of templates you would like to see in CK editor in addition to the five that we developed (see attached screenshot)?


Best wishes










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Reminder. Meeting in about an hour. 


See below for Agenda and Web Conference details.


-- Neal



On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 10:42 AM, Neal Caidin <[hidden email]> wrote:

Hello Community,
Mark your calendars to join us for these upcoming meetings/topics:
  * *April 8:* CKEditor - page layout discussion - Fawei Geng
    (University of Oxford)
  * *April 15**:* ePortfolios at UVa and Notre Dame - Yitna Firdyiwek
    (University of Virginia) and Paul Ashenfelter (Notre Dame)
  * *April 22:* TBA
  * *April 29:* TBA
All are welcome to join the meeting. We look forward to seeing you on 
Please think of topics you would like to present or discuss. It is okay if they are totally informal. It can be helpful if the topic is of interest to your institution and something you have feedback on.



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