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Re: [WG: Accessibility] More Samigo questions for 2.9.0 release

Relative to SAM-1295 (the accessibility of multiple choice questions), I’m not sure how to move that forward. Ying Wang examined the patch and didn’t seem to raise any issues with it. However, I’m not sure who else needs to pass judgment on it. If it was moved into trunk, the accessibility working group would be happy to do further testing on it. Though, we are not experts on the Samigo tool.




From: Neal Caidin [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 10:12 AM
To: Samigo Team; [hidden email]
Cc: David Horwitz; Richwine, Brian L
Subject: More Samigo questions for 2.9.0 release


Hi all,


Happy Friday! - Incorrect internationalization in survey questions - Can this one wait till 2.9.1 or 2.10 ? Seems like that is what Karen is saying. Just double checking. Also, the resolution  says that this is Fixed, but it is not fixed, correct? - Quiz delivery generates excessive queries - this seems like it would be good to get fixed. Cc'ing David Horwitz in case he has a patch. Status? - Accessibility: Multiple Choice Questions in Samigo Are Not Very Accessible - looks like a particularly important Accessibility issue. Any thoughts on moving forward? CC'ing Brian Richwine for this one.


And then there is this group of related Jiras for Matrix of Choice Questions:


These are all listed as Awaiting Review, but I think they may have been fixed and tested in Trunk?  What should the status of these issues be? What kind of QA testing is needed?







Neal Caidin


Sakai CLE Community Coordinator

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