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Release Notes now in JIRA

Hi all,

   We were doing a bit of brainstorming on how we could make the construction of release notes better, faster, and more accurate (and hoping that we don't have to choose 2 out of 3). Currently release notes are compiled after the fact, usually by one person (thanks Anthony!), and often fall victim to having either too much information, too little information, or missing information.

   Anthony was kind enough to entertain the idea that we could create a new "Release Notes" field in JIRA so that developers can create release notes at the time an issue is resolved (if not before). The JIRA Release Notes field could be used to document a change in behavior, a required manual conversion, deprecated/changed/new features, or outstanding problems.

   The aggregation and composition of release notes could be a less onerous and more accurate task if developers make use of this new field. Please give it a try -- it benefits us all when we upgrade to a new Sakai release if we don't have any unplanned surprises.

   Keep in mind that the "Release Notes" tab will not be visible until you either (1) edit a JIRA entry or (2) have content in the Release Notes field. Here are some JIRAs with example release notes:

- Beth

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