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Sakai 3 QA infrastructure.

Sakai 3 QA infrastructure.

Hi fellow hard workers,

Central QA for Sakai 3 is starting up. Luckily for me I am not doing this alone. Georgia Tech have graciously volunteered hardware for a clustered QA environment and Stuart Freeman's time.

In the coming weeks we (I always like the word we when  Stuart is doing the server work) intend to have a running QA server with an Oracle back-end, clustered and with CAS authentication running.  The load balanced environment can be found at:,  it ain't beautiful, hardened or themed, but will be updated when time allows. The environment will be rebuilt for every new UI or Kernel tag. The deployment details will be expanded by Stuart at:

Stuart has been kind enough to set the system up, write an Oracle driver bundle and will be the QA admin. He is documenting his work at:

If you your organization is interested in running Sakai 3 later then maintaining a QA server is an excellent and probably cheapest place to build up knowledge. For QA the more biodiversity the better.

The short term role of central QA is to unify the already existing work such as the excellent Ruby/Perl scripts, unit tests and JavaScript unit tests and build a stable QA structure for organized community wide testing. Carl Hall is setting up a Hudson build at and it is our intention to not just build but run, test and report automatically. Stuart has more time than I, as I have Sakai 2.X duties as well.  Therefore, If you have any questions please contact me and CC Stuart. Between our two time zones we have the World covered at all times of a working day.

Once the QA server environment is a little bit more polished and stable I will be making a call out for functional testers. However, currently I am looking to collect testing resources and update Confluence to make individual efforts more visible to the community.  If you have such resources feel free to contact Stuart and I. Test plans are always welcome.

If you want to support browser compatibility and regression testing on the UI side, then a very significant effort by Christian Vuerings to write and maintain  a wide range of JavaScript unit tests is an excellent place to volunteer your time. Please contact us on that subject.

Looking forward to communicating more progress soon.


Alan Berg
Interim QA Director - The Sakai Foundation

Senior Developer / Quality Assurance
Group Education and Research Services
Central Computer Services
University of Amsterdam

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