Sakai CLE Project Coordination Meetings in LA

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Sakai CLE Project Coordination Meetings in LA



Mark your Calendars!   The TCC will be facilitating the Sakai CLE Project Coordination meeting  the Sunday prior to the LA Conference.     Specifics are below: 


·          Date: Sunday, June 12th

·         Location: Santa Anita BC room in Westin Bonaventure Hotel

·         Time:  9am to 7 pm (Lunch will be graciously provided by the foundation)


The plan is to have a formal meeting on Sunday with follow-up with BOF's  and other meet-ups throughout the week.  Reports to the community at large will occur  via community distributions lists. 

The vision is that there will be a lot of preparation and discussion prior so that we can use the f2f time wisely.     To begin with, we’d like to invite community members to sign-up and indicate topics of interest so the agenda can be constructed.    


Please do this at 



All the best,

Megan  & Beth


Megan May

Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) Chair


Beth Kirschner

Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) Vice Chair



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