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Sakai Executive Director Position Search

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Lois Brooks, Sakai Foundation interim Executive Director announces position search open:

     Dear Sakai Community,
     I am writing to let you know that the Sakai Board of Directors has opened a
     position search for a new Sakai Foundation Executive Director. As you probably know,
     Michael Korcuska recently left the Sakai Foundation to pursue another opportunity, and I
     have stepped into the leadership role for the interim until this position is filled.
     We are now beginning this search.
     The Board seeks a visionary leader to serve as Executive Director. With nearly
     100 academic and corporate members, and over 200 institutional deployments on six
     continents, the Sakai community is robust, global and growing. The Sakai community is marked
     by active development projects, a deeply engaged teaching and learning
     constituency, and well established communities of practice, all contributing significantly to
     the development of the Sakai software. The Executive Director manages the Foundation
     activities and staff, leads the community, and engages with agencies and organizations on
     behalf of the Foundation.  Because the Sakai community is global, and the staff spread
     across the US and Europe, there is no location requirement for the position. We welcome
     applications from all locations.
     A job description for the Executive Director position may be found at
     Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume/cv to Mary
     Miles, <mmiles at>. Resumes will be accepted through April 20,
     2010. Confidential inquiries may be directed to me at <lbrooks at>

     Lois Brooks

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