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Sakai OAE Social Features

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Hi guys,

Doing research into research collaboration systems, and looking for substitution options where top flight corporate solutions are beyond the reach of key customers ( ie Jive ): I did a fair bit of consulting of Sakai 2.x systems a few years back, and now that the OAE is in the wild, I'm wondering about its collaborative features?

Things like:

- "Activity Streams" ( where people can subscribe to content, and have its latest additions aggregated to their personal or a group "wall": yes, very much like Facebook, in fact the more like Facebook the better for training reasons )

-  "Mulit-Tenancy": where multiple groups can have access to the system, but may or may not be aware of each other. As opposed to all accounts on the system always being able to see every other account, regardless of whether they can access it or not.

For the most part, I'm wondering about the experience of others out there with the OAE. I remember 2.x systems as being great, but the design forced content to behave in certain ways that weren't always the best for mash-ups across sites.