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Sakai Product Council

Based on larger community discussion to better define the Sakai
Product Council's role and subsequent discussion in the Sakai Product
Council meetings, I have posted the following draft FAQs, which
attempt to begin to provide greater clarity about the Council and its

I invite community input and revision of these draft FAQs, especially
around what pertinent questions they do NOT answer.

Draft FAQs:
* What does the Sakai Product Council do?
* Who owns the Sakai product roadmap?
* What is the relationship between the Sakai Product Council and other
community bodies/teams, such as the QA team, release team, and
maintenance team?
* What are the differences between how the Sakai Product Council works
with Sakai 2 versus Sakai 3?

I note that the language and ideas of these first drafts is mine and
mine alone and should not be considered representative or final
Product Council opinion.

Nate Angell
Client Evangelist
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