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Samigo, Changing Templates (after the fact)

Greetings everyone,

Apologies for cross-posting, but I wanted to see if development or pedagogy have the answers I'm looking for.

Back in December 2011 the post, "[Building Sakai] samigo, changing templates ..." asked about changing an assessment's settings after the fact through the DB.  Karen Tsao gave a good answer to it.

I'm writing with a follow-up question.  Is it possible to apply an assessment template to an existing test after the fact?  I'm working with an instructor who has MANY assessments.  She wants all of the Tests to have the exact same settings.  Unfortunately, she did not use a template when she created the tests.  So, each semester she has to redo the settings each and every time she publishes them for use.  If it was only a few, it wouldn't be a big deal.  When it is hundreds, that is another matter.  As it stands now, there is a minimum of 8 clicks per assessment settings page and a lot of time spent each semester for a tedious task.  

Is there a way to apply a template to existing tests?  Can I create a template with the desired settings and magically apply it to an existing one somehow?  If not, could these changes be made via the DB, and if yes, how much easier/harder would that be compared to individually setting each one?  Would the changes be permanent (i.e., follow on export/import)? 

Does anyone else or other schools ever have this issue?  If yes, how do you manage it or solve it?


Amber D. Marcu

Academic Technology Consultant, rSmart
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