Update from the Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee

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Update from the Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee


This is another update for the community on the recent
activities of the Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee.
The previous update was sent out on 19 October 2010.

-- 2.8 status

The 2.8 release has moved into beta testing with the release
of the first beta tag on 1 December 2010, but we are now
behind the previously adopted schedule:


Additional help with testing --  especially from functional
testers -- is needed for this release. Without additional
testing help, 2.8 will NOT be ready for release by the 1 March
2011 deadline. If you can help with testing, please send mail
to [hidden email].

Other technical work on 2.8 continues in conjunction with
project leads and the Release Management and QA working

-- 2.9 planning

The TCC expects to begin planning for Sakai 2.9 in January
2011. As with 2.8, this will be a cooperative process with
project leads and other developers/maintainers.

As a reminder, the TCC conducts its business via a public
mailing list, [hidden email]. List
archives and other TCC documents are available at:



management mailing list
[hidden email]

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