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[Using Sakai] Accessibility webinar (ANI Office Hours)

Hello Sakai users,

We invite you all to join our ANI "Office Hours" session next week.
These sessions focus on particular tools/ways of using Sakai, and the
topic next week will be accessibility in Sakai.

Matt Clare, from Brock University and the Sakai Accessibility Working
Group, will be leading the webinar. He'll provide a general overview
of accessibility standards and evaluation, and also focus on how users
can improve accessibility when authoring content with the Sakai rich
text editor (CKEditor).

We'll also look at accessibility improvements that are coming for
Sakai 11. Matt will discuss the Morpheus project. In addition, Jeff
Pasch and Kyle Blythe, from New York University and the Gradebook
redesign project, will talk about how accessibilty has been considered
in creating the next-generation Sakai Gradebook.

The webinar is Wednesday, April 15, 1-2 pm Eastern (10-11 am Pacific).
Here is the registration link:


After registering, you'll receive a confirmation email containing
information about joining the webinar.

We hope you can attend!

Jim Mezzanotte
Asahi Net International
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