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[WG: Authoring] [libsakai] Library & Sakai 3 Web Meeting Notes

Thanks to all that were able to make it to our Web Meeting last Thursday!  Authors of our context scenarios shared summaries, we took a look at the requirements we are building based on the context scenarios and we discussed our initial lo-fidelity prototypes.

You can learn more about our lo-fidelity prototypes and provide feedback on them directly by commenting on each prototype's wiki page at:

Our next steps include:
- Getting user feedback on the lo-fidelity prototypes.  Maurini is working on a plan based on our discussion Thursday and will be in touch with the Interviewer Group by tomorrow afternoon to get some feedback.

- Opening up to the community to create more context scenarios, requirements and lo-fidelity prototypes.  We arrived at a few key areas in which we could use more context scenarios including: multimedia, social interaction and mobile.  We also need context scenarios for our fourth persona, Ronald Moore.  For building context scenarios, you can follow the guidelines at:

For contributing requirements or lo-fidelity prototypes, please feel free to get in touch with me directly.

- Preparing for the upcoming Sakai Conference.  We will be presenting our work so far at the Denver Sakai Conference on June 15th from 5:15 to 6pm.

For more details on what was discussed at the meeting and our next steps, check out our meeting notes on the wiki:

Thanks very much!

Best regards,

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