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[WG: Authoring] [libsakai] Oct 15: Library & Sakai 3 Integration Meeting


The Library and Sakai 3 Integration Project has been building  
interview teams, recruiting interview candidates and training to  
conduct interviews.  Institutions are ready for user interviews and a  
pilot interview has already been completed.  This Thursday's call will  
be driven by participating institutions to hear how things are going,  
share successful strategies/resources and address outstanding issues.

More details, relevant links and an agenda for the meeting can be  
found at:

The meeting is Thursday, Oct 15, from 11:30am to 1pm, Eastern using  
the Sakai002 Conference Bridge:
  - Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
  - Internet: (via Polycom, XMeeting (Mac), Ekiga (Linux))
  - Conference Code: 350#
  - PIN: 72524#


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