[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai 10.4 and Sakai 11 discussions from Core team call

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[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai 10.4 and Sakai 11 discussions from Core team call

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Hi all,

Sakai 10.4
We are planning to release Sakai 10.4 next week. No issues identified that would block the release. FYI.   Notes on issues reviewed today are available [1].

We had two blocker issues which were the impetus for 10.4 . They both were fixed, tested and merged into 10.4.  One issue has been re-tested in 10.4 [2] . The other issue, it would be nice to get tested in 10.4-RC01 [3].  I assume it requires a QA instance integrated with CAS authentication (which the standard QA server does not have)?

New thing for Sakai 10.4 is Admin documentation added to Online Help (fyi. not mentioned in meeting.)

Sakai 11

Neal suggested that we wait a little longer for Morpheus to be completed in trunk, schedule a joint QA session with testers and developers, and after that firm up a schedule for Sakai 11. No comments were made at this time. 

[1] Notes from Sakai core team meeting today - http://etherpad.ctools.org/p/rmmt-2015-02-12

[2] This blocker has been tested and passed on 10.4-RC01 - https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-28955 - Announcement email sent immediately without subject or body

[3] Would be nice to get this tested on 10.4-RC01 - https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-28965 -  Sakai 10.3 CAS logins are broken because of Spring Security upgrade  

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