[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-02-12, 10:00EST (15:00GMT)

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[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-02-12, 10:00EST (15:00GMT)

Quick PIN: 8600146

Call numbers: http://www.calliflower.com/dial-in-numbers/

Etherpad notes:


issuesinlastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1328] link migration still not working for toolsCharles Hedrick10.0
[LSNBLDR-464] Headings in general instructions too high, H2 should be H3Matt Clare11.0
[LSNBLDR-465] addPrevLink gets a null pointer exceptionJonas Eriksson10.2
[LSNBLDR-466] Prerequisite option ignored if user does not select require on all prerequisitesBrooke Biltimier10.3
[SAK-29039] Rubric Feature for Assignments 1Anish M Goyal10.0
[SAK-29040] New Gradebook Item Interface for Assignments 1Anish M Goyal10.0
[SAK-29041] Assignment / Select group when instructor submits as student for a group assignmentCurtis van Osch10.2
[SAK-29042] Tables should be avoided for layout or at least have ARIA role PresentationMatt Clare2.9.3, 10.3, 11.0
[SAK-29044] Cannot upload gzipped files via WebDAV using Konqueror on OpenSuseChris Kretler2.9.2
[SAK-29045] rubric for assignmentCharles Hedrick
[SAK-29046] Error in option checkbox settings?Cheryl Cramer10.2
[SAK-29047] Roster2 / Overview - List box isn't workingAlexandre Ballesté10.3, 10.4
[SAK-29049] Simultaneous grading in Assignments can result in overwriting of instructor commentsJohn Ansorge10.3
[SAK-29051] Allow import of excel spreadsheet for sign-up toolAnish M Goyal10.0
[SAK-29052] Assignments/Lessons: Prerequisite leads to alert for group submissionJim Mezzanotte10.3
[SAK-29053] Double-clicking "Reply" in Forums triggers "multiple tabs" errorJohn Ansorge10.3
[SAK-29055] Re-Add a "By Group" view to new roster overviewMatthew Jones11.0
[SAK-29056] ckeditor "browse server" offers dangerous options with no warningCharles Hedrick10.0
[SAK-29057] PortletContextManager can be used before it's setupMatthew Buckett10.3
[SAK-29058] fix button duplication caused by multiple presses of enter in gradebookPaul Lukasewych11.0
[SAM-2478] Decreasing score per attempt at multiple choice questionMatt Clare11
[SAM-2479] need /direct/sam_core to make link migration workCharles Hedrick10.0
[SAM-2480] Allow instructors to release only incorrectly answered questionsAnish M Goyal10.0
[SAM-2481] The autosave feature does not save the value of short text questions when the CK Editor is enabledMiguel Carro Pellicer10.3
[SAM-2482] Add more time to test in progressYuanhua Qu

issuesfixedinpastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1023] Add new SelectionType to retrieve all sites a member belongs to regardless of published statusKERNEL TEAM11
[KNL-1327] Neo prefix not used in HTML files created with Resources toolMatthew Buckett11
[KNL-1329] Missing auto.ddl defaults for asn.receive.notificationsMatthew Jones11
[SAK-12034] Safari replaces spaces with plus signs in downloaded filesMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-26180] Export the submitted time and if the submission was late in the CSV exportSam Ottenhoff11.0
[SAK-26380] Accessibility / i18n: Polls Frame Default Human Language is Not Set, Should Match User Language PreferenceAdrian Fish11.0
[SAK-27961] Announcements tool NPE when access as anonymous userMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-28026] Determine user types by looking at realms that start with "!user.template."Unassigned
[SAK-28070] The new link 'Move Thread(s)' should only appear to those users that have the right permissions.Lorena11.0
[SAK-28971] site copy does not map direct urlUnassigned
[SAK-28974] Roster2 / group membership - List box isn't workingMatthew Jones10.4
[SAK-29048] Clarify wording on the Set Ungraded Items to Zero pageBrian Jones11.0
[SAK-29050] Update master to latest tomcat for 10.4 ( 7.0.59 )Matthew Jones10.4, 11.0
[SAK-29054] Roster2 Overview and Pictures after Group view needs force resetBob Long10.4
[SAM-2334] There is a problem removing one answer from a FIB question and regrading the assessmentSteve Swinsburg11

Active committers to master in past week

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