[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-02-19, 10:00EST (15:00GMT)

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[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-02-19, 10:00EST (15:00GMT)

Quick PIN: 8600146

Call numbers: http://www.calliflower.com/dial-in-numbers/

Etherpad notes:


issuesinlastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1331] refreshAuthzGroup should be done only if GroupProvider determines that provided group has changes Alexandre Ballesté11, 10.4
[LSNBLDR-468] Implement a PickableProducer for Signup toolMatthew Jones10.0
[LSNBLDR-469] Lessons create folders in Resources - testfest 10.4-rc01 Pablo San Roman10.4
[LSNBLDR-470] Camtasia 9 zips are not recognised by the zip upload codeAdrian Fish10.4
[SAK-29059] Assignments / upload all Release uploaded information to students doesnt release gradesDerek Ramsey10.3, 11.0
[SAK-29063] Move our core Javascript dependencies to use WebJarsSam Ottenhoff10.4
[SAK-29064] JLDAP should exclude computers and disabled AD accountsSam Ottenhoff10.4
[SAK-29065] Allow instructor to submit as student alwaysNorman Danner10.3
[SAK-29066] Main Assignments table needs to be less verboseMatt Clare11.0
[SAK-29068] The table sort icons need alt-textMatt Clare2.9.0, 10.2
[SAK-29069] Statistics from not available topics in Forums are not shownAlexandre Ballesté10.4, 11.0
[SAK-29071] Improving Mongolian TranslationTurbat Bayartogtokh10.3
[SAK-29072] Assignments usage -issues.Gregory Guthrie2.9.2
[SAK-29073] Assignments usage -issues.Gregory Guthrie2.9.2
[SAK-29074] Allow poll votes to be removedAdrian Fish11.0
[SAK-29077] Add a profile to roster2 10.x so it builds under 2.9Matthew Jones2.9.4, 10.5
[SAK-29080] Exported list on roster 2 ignores role filterAlexandre Ballesté11.0
[SAK-29081] fix for multiple enter presses in gradebook doesn't work on course grades pagePaul Lukasewych11.0
[SAM-2485] The order in the assesment responses excel is wrong with UTF-8 charsJosé Rabal Sastre10.4
[SAM-2486] All submissions not available when assessment set for average grade on submissionsDerek Ramsey10.3, 11
[SAM-2489] Add scope to data tablesMatt Clare11
[SAM-2490] Add ARIA roles for tabsMatt Clare11
[SAM-2492] Ability to transfer ownership of question pools is not workingDaniel Merino10.4, 11
[SAM-2493] Use updated tablesorter for authoringSam Ottenhoff10.4
[SAM-2494] Spanish accents not displayed during import of tests and quizzesSushain11

issuesfixedinpastsevendays (Sakai)

[SAK-16091] The citations importer in Resources doesn't always correctly import RIS- formatted filesJim Eng
[SAK-23247] When grading students, if you press the back button, some of the form is incorrectCore Team11.0
[SAK-27978] Email Archive List-ID header should use the server nameMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-29027] Regression: TA's with site.upd can see announcements of any group.Core Team11.0
[SAK-29053] Double-clicking "Reply" in Forums triggers "multiple tabs" errorMatthew Jones11.0
[SAK-29060] Update CKEditor to 4.4.7Sam Ottenhoff11.0
[SAK-29061] Use entity URLs for profile images to leverage browser cachingSteve Swinsburg11.0
[SAK-29062] Comments introduced by an instructor using double curly braces are not being displayed to instructor after saving/grading the assignment submission.manuel almansa leandrez11.0
[SAK-29070] Forum next and previous navigation links should always show up on both the top and bottomBryan Holladay11.0
[SAK-29075] Add forked tablesorter 2.1.17 to /library/Sam Ottenhoff
[SAK-29076] Release Sakai 10.4Matthew Jones10.4
[SAK-29079] Roster 2 roles Listbox doesn't work properly when selecting 'All available'Adrian Fish11.0
[SAM-1240] Add feedback to the markup textSAMIGO TEAM11
[SAM-1797] Remove all checks on Macintosh Netscape SAMIGO TEAM
[SAM-1823] "Extract" button does not display when you add a calculated question to poolSAMIGO TEAM11
[SAM-2259] Question pool columns and indexes need adjustingSam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2323] Use tablesorter for student list of assessmentsSam Ottenhoff
[SAM-2468] Samigo services should not use static logSam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2475] NPE on timed assessment if instructor assigns a score of 0SAMIGO TEAM
[SAM-2479] need /direct/sam_core to make link migration workSam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2483] Improve use of blockUI to prevent double-clicking SAMIGO TEAM11
[SAM-2484] Three different links in the same buttonSam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2487] Table used for "Create using..." section should be eliminatedSam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2488] <h4> Needed for Import from File (XML or zip)Sam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2491] Batch fetch on answer feedback to speed up publishing of question pool assessmentSam Ottenhoff

Active committers to master in past week

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