[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-03-26, 10:00EDT (14:00GMT)

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[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-03-26, 10:00EDT (14:00GMT)

Quick PIN: 8600146

Call numbers: http://www.calliflower.com/dial-in-numbers/

Etherpad notes:


issuesinlastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1336] Allow Tomcat instances to be gracefully shutdown by not accepting new sessions.Matthew Buckett10.4
[KNL-1337] Add generics to ProviderMap and refreshUserMatthew Buckett10.4
[KNL-1338] Duplicate SQL for AuthzMatthew Buckett10.4
[SAK-29176] Allow samigo when publishing a test, to link it to an existing non-externally maintained gradebook item.Fernando11.0
[SAK-29178] CLONE - Reorganization of Settings could make group and peer assessment settings clearerNeal Caidin10.0
[SAK-29182] New Account tool should respect invalidEmailInIdAccountString sakai.propertyBrian Jones11.0
[SAK-29183] scheme, address and port of tool profile are wrong in scenario LTI2 registrationRayLiu10.4
[SAK-29185] Sections tool needs updating for MorpheusSteve Swinsburg11.0
[SAK-29187] Users tool needs updating for MorpheusSteve Swinsburg11.0
[SAK-29188] Add a warning when deleting a group or removing members from a groupMatthew Jones10.5
[SAK-29189] Using multiple tabs in Forums fails to post messageJohn Ansorge11.0
[SAK-29191] syllabus needs to use standard date pickerCharles Hedrick11.0
[SAK-29192] chat new messages don't show until refreshCharles Hedrick11.0
[SAK-29193] Poor error message reporting when uploading a resource that is past the limit when using file browser uploadWilliam Karavites10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 11.0
[SAK-29194] Get rid of the 'file browser upload' option when uploading resourcesWilliam Karavites
[SAK-29195] FindBugs Incorrect Expression in AssignmentPeerAssessmentServiceImplMatthew Jones10.5
[SAM-2523] Retract date is set automatically to due date in not autosubmit environmentJuan Rodríguez de Vera Mouliaá10.4, 11
[SAM-2524] Assessment which contains Matrix of Choices type questions: the import action doesn't workRaúl Sánchez Vegas11
[SAM-2527] Import / MC All or nothing imports as Right Less WrongDerek Ramsey10.4, 11

issuesfixedinpastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1334] Access servlet launches 404 due to Last-modified headerSam Ottenhoff11
[KNL-1335] Move generatePassword() to kernel-util to reduce code duplicationBrian Jones11
[LSNBLDR-480] Last-Modified needs to always be in Locale.USCharles Hedrick11.0
[SAK-14525] Remove obsolete code from portalMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-22012] Assignments tool fails to return instructor comments when using Upload All for Ungraded submissionsUMich Developers
[SAK-28184] New Account tool should email users a link to activate their accountsBrian Jones11.0
[SAK-29127] Fixes to Portal Chat for morpheusAlexandre Ballesté11.0
[SAK-29143] Signup smtpFrom propertyMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-29147] Add 'This institution holds the copyright' to list of copyright optionsAdrian Fish
[SAK-29154] Trusted consumers should be able to pass the EXT_SAKAI_PROVIDER_EIDAdrian Fish
[SAK-29163] Resubmissions not being correctly sent to review serviceSteve Swinsburg11.0
[SAK-29171] Remove deprecated language attribute from script tagsSam Ottenhoff
[SAK-29175] can't create HTML document in resources in morpheusCore Team11.0
[SAK-29177] Resource leak in SignupUIBaseBean.javaSam Ottenhoff11.0
[SAK-29179] Remove the XSLT Portal From SakaiCharles Severance11.0
[SAK-29180] Refactor handler code so PDAHandler can be removedCharles Severance11.0
[SAK-29181] Remove the Neo Portal and the Neo SkinsCharles Severance11.0
[SAK-29184] Make sure search tool is generating the right kind of URLs when inlinedCharles Severance11.0
[SAK-29186] Long names are not visible in portal chat users listAlexandre Ballesté
[SAK-29190] CKEditor source mode does not wrap in Firefox >=36Matthew Jones
[SAK-29196] Findbugs Incorrect Expression on BaseAssignmentService WTUserIdTransMatthew Jones11.0
[SAM-2291] The survey matrix answers are not sorted by row when the instructor exports the student's results to ExcelSAMIGO TEAM11
[SAM-2358] Add the link "Show/Hide All Rich-Text Editors" in Multiple Choice questionsNeal Caidin
[SAM-2507] Cancel button navigation issue in poolsRamon Garcia Martinez11
[SAM-2512] Modifying the settings of published assesment requires you to set the retract date Sam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2516] Allow for disabling of rich text editor during deliveryMatthew Jones
[SAM-2521] Change wording of Audio RecordingMatthew Jones
[SAM-2522] Matrix of Choices - Problem if more than 10 rowsMatthew Jones11
[SAM-2525] Multiple choice options breaking onto new lineSam Ottenhoff11
[SAM-2526] blockUI breaks when user does not click honor pledgeSam Ottenhoff11

Active committers to master in past week

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