[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-04-09, 10:00EDT (14:00GMT)

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[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-04-09, 10:00EDT (14:00GMT)

Quick PIN: 8600146

Call numbers: http://www.calliflower.com/dial-in-numbers/

Etherpad notes:


issuesinlastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1343] Upgrade spring-core from 3.2.3.RELEASE to 3.2.13.RELEASESam Ottenhoff10.4
[KNL-1344] Move additional kernel-util classes into servicesMatthew Jones11
[KNL-1345] Move ResourceLoader util into a serviceMatthew Jones11
[LSNBLDR-482] report on individual page / sub-page accessesAdam Marshall10.4
[SAK-29221] Warn instructor about removing users from groupsSam Ottenhoff10.4
[SAK-29222] Cannot change Tool Title and Button TextAdam Marshall10.4
[SAK-29223] report on individual tool / LHS page menu accessesAdam Marshall10.4
[SAK-29225] Remove or relocate code related to sync out of gradebook appMatthew Jones10.4
[SAK-29226] Intermittent test failures in sitestats-implMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-29227] Sync blackboard import in trunk with Longsight branchMatthew Jones11.0
[SAK-29229] Dropbox / incorrect quota view while instructorDerek Ramsey10.4, 11.0
[SAK-29231] Site Stats / custom report - hour rangeDerek Ramsey10.4, 11.0
[SAK-29234] Consolidate roster authorization propertiesMatthew Jones11.0
[SAK-29235] CKEditor plugin dialog position moves upon resizePayten Giles10.2, 10.4
[SAK-29239] Notification says student can resubmit even if Assignment is graded after the "Accept Until" date has passedMatthew Jones10.5
[SAK-29241] SakaiFoorm should close its SQL Statement and ResultSetSam Ottenhoff10.4
[SAK-29242] Forums / add functionality for open date with no close dateDerek Ramsey10.4, 11.0
[SAM-2534] SamLite: randomize answers in multiple choice questionsAngel Nueda Lozano10.4, 11

issuesfixedinpastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1342] Add unit testing for content resource sortingMatthew Jones
[LSNBLDR-483] Lessons tool- unable to provide mark to comments made by a student Charles Hedrick11.0, 10.5
[SAK-28032] Add Blackboard import to Site Info Import from ArchiveCharles Hedrick
[SAK-28768] Update quartz to 1.6.6Anthony Whyte2.9.1
[SAK-29105] Relocate methods related to course grade calculation out of the app into the serviceMatthew Jones11.0
[SAK-29114] REST endpoint /direct/grades not saving gradeitems with POST (grades-rest)Kevin Shi10.5
[SAK-29162] Change 'Site Resources' which is displayed on the Drop Box main pageAdrian Fish11.0
[SAK-29224] Some Japanese property files have uppercase unicode escapesSam Ottenhoff11.0
[SAK-29228] Make tests run headless by defaultMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-29232] Site creation - users can select templates of a site type which they can't createCore Team11.0
[SAK-29233] Missing message bundle key in AnnouncementsBrian Jones11.0
[SAK-29236] Peer assessment assignments average score misses the last record sometimesCore Team
[SAK-29240] Assignments -> submissions -> download/upload all 'select all' checkbox should be deselected after deselectiong option(s)Brian Jones11.0
[SAM-2530] Update button on question pool list should be named appropriatelyBrian Jones11
[SAM-2531] Missing message bundle keys in Samigo creating log bloatBrian Jones11
[SAM-2532] List of pools to be deleted has some styling/formatting issuesBrian Jones11

Active committers to master in past week

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