[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-04-23, 10:00EDT (14:00GMT)

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[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai Core Team Call, Thursday, 2015-04-23, 10:00EDT (14:00GMT)

Quick PIN: 8600146

Call numbers: http://www.calliflower.com/dial-in-numbers/

Etherpad notes:


issuesinlastsevendays (Sakai)

[LSNBLDR-486] Site import / customized css file could not be foundDerek Ramsey10.4
[LSNBLDR-488] Lessons tool unavailable for importMatthew Jones11.0
[SAK-29261] 'Upload new version' action is being displayed to users without 'content.revise.any' permissionJuan Arcadio Martinez Carceles10.4
[SAK-29263] Errors in the content tool (Resources) are not displayed in user interface (UI)Juan Arcadio Martinez Carceles10.4
[SAK-29264] Site info or Roster not showing any site participant after site creation (using demo rosters)Jose Mariano Lujan11.0
[SAK-29266] inconsistency property filesAkihiro Terasaki
[SAK-29267] Add ability to disable profile2 search and connectionsMatthew Jones
[SAK-29270] Switch from TimeService to java.timeMatthew Buckett10.4
[SAK-29271] Suggestion / Feedback toolAdam Marshall11.0
[SAK-29273] An unclear error messageAkihiro Terasaki11.0
[SAK-29274] Profile picture is not refreshed after user changes.Juan José Meroño Sánchez11.0
[SAK-29275] poi 3.11David Horwitz10.4
[SAK-29276] Print button in roster permissions screen should be removedJuan José Meroño Sánchez11.0
[SAK-29277] Schedule Tool Always Displays Source SiteLeonardo Canessa10.4
[SAK-29278] Ordering citation list then editing citation shows incorrect ordering Nick Wilson10.4
[SAK-29279] Infinite request of credentials when setting up WebDAV in WindowsJuan Arcadio Martinez Carceles11.0
[SAK-29280] New index on UUID field at MFR_TOPIC_T highly improves speedDaniel Merino2.9.2
[SAK-29281] Multiple downloads of the same file from the searching box in resourcesJuan Arcadio Martinez Carceles11.0
[SAK-29282] Ordering topics by date in ForumsLorena11.0
[SAK-29283] Poor performance when loading the searching box of resourcesJuan Arcadio Martinez Carceles11.0
[SAK-29284] Use feature present in Maven 3.3.1Matthew Buckett10.4
[SAK-29285] Error in preview optionLorena11.0
[SAK-29286] Update javadoc plugin to work under Java 8Matthew Jones11.0
[SAK-29287] Custom fields are not being shown (or removed) until cache is refreshedJosé Rabal Sastre11.0
[SAK-29288] Delete button appears to users without permissionsLorena11.0
[SAM-2542] Multiple choice / answers deleted upon saveDerek Ramsey10.4, 11
[SAM-2543] Error not showing on blank assessement nameNeal Caidin11
[SAM-2546] Poi 3.11David Horwitz10.4

issuesfixedinpastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1318] Change default pooling for Sakai 11Matthew Jones11
[KNL-1346] Allow for single space character in URL'sKERNEL TEAM
[KNL-1348] Split out Tool configuration from the rest of the configuration service.Matthew Buckett11
[SAK-25883] Upgrade Tomcat Version to 8.xMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-25903] Upgrade Java to JDK 8Beth Kirschner
[SAK-26078] upgrade reflectutils to be JDK8 compatibleBeth Kirschner
[SAK-29012] Change each of the td cells with times to th with scope=”row”.Matt Clare
[SAK-29063] Move our core Javascript dependencies to use WebJarsMatthew Buckett
[SAK-29120] Cannot enter numbers using the keypadJuan José Meroño Sánchez11.0
[SAK-29208] In very big resolutions roster infinite scroll does not workAdrian Fish
[SAK-29213] Switch sakai.jdk.version version in master to be 1.8Matthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-29247] Gradebook API accessing by id fails when assignment name is duplicatedJuan Arcadio Martinez Carceles11.0
[SAK-29250] Strengthen wording of Turnitin alertSteve Swinsburg11.0
[SAK-29251] Default for Turnitin assignment 'save' option should not be setSteve Swinsburg11.0
[SAK-29252] Remove portal chat backward compatibility with neoportalUnassigned
[SAK-29257] Allow SitestatsUpdateManager to be monitored over JMX.Matthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-29258] Sitestats update manager write errors to stdout/stderrMatthew Buckett11.0
[SAK-29262] Forums NPE in method isDisplayTopicDeleteOption()Brian Jones11.0
[SAK-29265] Disable require authorizers on manual find course pageCore Team
[SAK-29268] OSP is removed from Sakai 11, but help files remainBrian Jones11.0
[SAK-29269] The .auth role should not be displayed when adding particpantsAdrian Fish
[SAM-2459] Samigo is checking the retract date even though the late submissions are not accepted.SAMIGO TEAM
[SAM-2515] Samigo autosave doesn't workRamon Garcia Martinez11
[SAM-2534] SamLite: randomize answers in multiple choice questionsSAMIGO TEAM
[SAM-2538] Code bug results in a grading failure on calculated questionsRaúl Sánchez Vegas
[SAM-2541] getBasicInfoOfLastOrHighestOrAverageSubmittedAssessmentsByScoringOption should use the agentId passed instead of looking up the current userSam Ottenhoff
[SAM-2544] Provide better error messaging when selected groups for quiz are deletedBrian Jones11
[SAM-2545] Improve styling of event log control barBrian Jones11

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