[apereo-announcements] 2017 Apereo Fellows Announced

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[apereo-announcements] 2017 Apereo Fellows Announced

Each year, the Apereo Follows Program celebrates six individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Apereo and our constituent software communities. This contribution can be in a variety of areas that are important to the diverse Apereo community, including code development, pedagogy, evangelism, user experience design, conference and event development, interoperability, functional expertise, and community leadership.

The 2017 Apereo Fellows are -

Adrian Fish - Lancaster University, UK
Benito Gonzalez - Unicon, USA
Dede Hourican - Marist College, USA
Ron Mitchell - Mitchellmedia/XerteAcademy, UK
Miguel Pellicer - Entornos de FormaciĆ³n, Spain
Sven Stauber - SWITCH, Switzerland

Brief biographies can be found at https://www.apereo.org/groups/2017-apereo-fellows

My thanks, as always to the Fellows Panel for their efforts in making this selection - always a difficult job! And congratulations to the Fellows!



Ian Dolphin
Executive Director, Apereo Foundation

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