[apereo-announcements] Apereo Policy Review: Licensing and IPR, Incubation Process

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[apereo-announcements] Apereo Policy Review: Licensing and IPR, Incubation Process

Apologies for x-posting

The Apereo Foundation Board is undertaking a review of Apereo Foundation policies in the last quarter of 2017. A request for comment on a first tranche of bylaws and policies was made on the via lists and www.apereo.org in early October, and can be found at -


The next phase of review includes our incubation process, and Licensing and IPR policies. The licensing documentation is substantively the documentation at or around -


and the incubation process can be found at -


If you have comments, suggestions, questions, or proposals, please direct them to [hidden email], or to [hidden email]. Joining these lists is required before posting. Joining instructions can be found at -


Thanks in advance for your contribution.



Ian Dolphin
Apereo Foundation
[hidden email]

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