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[apereo-announcements] Become an Incubation Mentor

Apologies for cross-posting

The Apereo incubation process is designed to help projects through their initial stages, and set them on a path towards sustainability and direction by a community.

Incubation mentors play a critical role in this process, by being a source of external perspectives, and helping to connect projects to community resources. You don't need to be an expert in open source software licensing, or software development to be a mentor. You do need an ability to be a "critical friend", to listen, and to ask questions a project may not have thought of. The entire emphasis is on helping a project grow itself, not to work for it.

The time commitment varies on a project by project basis, but a quarterly check-in with a project team, and around six meetings of the Apereo Incubation Working Group is average. Can you spare ten hours per year to help grow Apereo solutions for higher education?

Every skill set is valuable, so if you're an educational technologist, learning design specialist, software developer or administrator, please give this opportunity some thought. We're more than happy to discuss further with any potential volunteer.

You can find out more about the incubation process here ….

The process is set out here -



Benito Gonzalez, Chair, Apereo Incubation Working Group
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Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, Apereo Foundation
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