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[apereo-announcements] Fwd: [apereo-open] Apereo Around the Globe Twitter Relay starts Wednesday GMT/UTC 0 hrs.

From: Laura Gekeler 

Wednesday May 3rd (tomorrow!) is Apereo Global Twitter Relay Day! Why not? Let's do this.

This could be the latest thing celebrating each and every global Apereo event!

Here's what you do, - and if you don't have a Twitter account, sign up.

As a global Twitter relay, it starts at GMT 0, this Wednesday May 3rd. This means, wherever you are on the globe, calculate when you can tweet during the next 24 hrs, and try to re-tweet the following tweet as close to the top of the hour as you can. (If we get super involvement, we can sign up for half hours as well, just use this spreadsheet and indicate you're IN ON IT! We're counting on you!

(contains the world event clock so you can figure out what time in your time zone works best for you)!

Be sure and Re-tweet this one. Here's the tweet:

@ApereoOrg GLOBAL & OPEN 4 edu software: incubating, sustaining & innovating. May in S.Africa @OpenCollab ,June USA https://goo.gl/xR5pmq

And, of course tweet your own as well - How is Apereo important to you?

Thanks global Apereo family!

Laura Gekeler
LMS Administrator
Learning Platforms
Apereo Foundation Board '14-2017
University of Notre Dame

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