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[apereo-announcements] Fwd: [apereo-open] Serve on Licensing Group: nominations due May 9th

Apollogies for cross posting..

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Subject: [apereo-open] Serve on Licensing Group: nominations due May 9th
Date: 27 April 2017 at 15:14:40 BST
To: Open <[hidden email]>


Apereo projects should please nominate people to serve on the reconstituting Licensing Group.

PMC Chairs (or equivalent) should make these nominations known to me by May 9th, preferably by post to licensing-discuss@. This will allow the Board to consider these nominations at its regularly scheduled May 16th meeting.

Historically the Licensing Group has 
  • recommended licensing policy for Board adoption 
  • built out documentation explaining licensing
  • answered questions from and worked with projects, especially incubating projects, wrt licensing
  • implemented tools in support of licensing operations
so I'd expect more of that and efforts in that neighborhood. No doubt the focuses and work of the Licensing Group will continue to be shaped by the people who serve in it.

Looking forward to more collaborators in the Licensing group,

Andrew / Licensing group chair

PS: Background and detail:

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