[apereo-announcements] One Slot left - Apereo Lightning Talks - August 2017

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[apereo-announcements] One Slot left - Apereo Lightning Talks - August 2017

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Hi All,

We have ONE slot left for the Apereo Lightning Talks next Wednesday, August 9 at 11 am Eastern, see [1] for your timezone.

Current Lineup includes

* Cultivating a brand for Sakai at University of Virginia
* Sakai UI Inventory project (using Atomic design)
* Sakai Gradebook instructor distribution chart
* Sakai Roster Tool changes

Apereo Lightning Talks 

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
11 am Eastern , see [1] for your timezone 

WebConference details:

Share interesting and innovative ideas which might be of use to others working on your project or across Apereo projects.

Email [hidden email] to sign up for a slot or if you have questions. Slots are limited and going fast. 

5 five minute presentations. Each presentation will be followed by 5 minutes of questions from the audience. Each presentation therefore has 10 minutes total.

NB: Please note that this is a slightly different format than the last two Apereo Lightning Talks in which the questions for all projects were held to the end of the presentations.

Pitch (to get you to sign up for a slot):
Have an idea for an enhancement to an existing Apereo Project or a way to manage Apereo projects better (documentation, source code management, etc.) ? 

Now is your chance to make your voice heard! Participate in a Lightning talk “Pitch” exercise. Pitch your idea to the community. Get attention. Get support. Make it happen!

[1]  Your timezone  - 

The Apereo Foundation - http://www.apereo.org/
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