[apereo-announcements] REMINDER: Apereo Newsletter Submissions due TODAY (Feb. 9)

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[apereo-announcements] REMINDER: Apereo Newsletter Submissions due TODAY (Feb. 9)

Hello Apereo Community,

A quick reminder that the deadline for submissions for the February issue of the Apereo newsletter will be today, Feb. 9, with publication around February 15. 

Please take this opportunity to share your project announcements, updates, plans, and ideas with the Apereo community. 

Our new newsletter format is multi-media friendly, so links to slideshare, videos, and images are welcome. 

Note that we are especially interested in case studies about implementation and use of Apereo software at your institution. 

Send your submissions, short or long, to [hidden email].


Lucy Appert
Newsletter Editor

The Apereo Foundation - http://www.apereo.org/
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